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The Little Green Envelope

9781773066813 | Picture Book
Illustrated by Claudine Crangle
Published by Groundwood Books, Aug. 1, 2023

A little green envelope longs to go on a journey. Will it be chosen to deliver Olive's letter to her far-away friend?

Olive's friend has moved away, and Olive wishes she could visit her. A little green envelope, lost in the bottom of the desk drawer, knows how Olive feels. It, too, wants so much to travel, and imagines zipping up and down conveyer belts and bouncing along in a mail bag, on its way to deliver an important letter. An old postcard reassures that for every occasion, there is an envelope ... but it seems like it will never be the little green envelope's turn.

When Olive's grandpa suggests writing her friend a letter, the little green envelope hopes and hopes that it will be chosen to carry the letter to its destination - but will it be a perfect fit?

A diagram on the endpapers shows how readers can create their own little green envelopes!


⌘ Selected for the Fall 2023 Top Grade Picks (Association of Canadian Publishers' Children's Committee )

Available online and hopefully at your local bookstore.

Some kind words:

A sweet and straightforward homage to old-fashioned letter writing.


Colorful paper cutouts are layered in collage illustrations that complete this love letter to the written word.


The Little Green Envelope is a sweet, gentle story. The personification of the envelope is a fresh take on the friend-moving-away theme and is sure to delight young readers.


The journey of the little green envelope is full of excitement.